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The absolute last hair jig you will ever want to buy for crappie or other species on a small hair jig bite.The unique large profile head design coupled with our top quality tail materials definitely grabs the fishes attention..the subtle qualities of the hair triggers the toughest bite.
Jighead itself only weighs 3/32 of an ounce but due to design it casts like a bullet and gets down quickly fished vertically...because of the way we tie it orients "head" down on the free fall ,the more tension on the line as it falls the more horizontal the presentation.
Another added bonus is on a horizontal retrieve the jighead design acts like a "keel" allowing it to run up and over wood structure with less snags.
We have a wide variety of stock paint and foil combinations for the heads and the same for the tail material.. all have 2 coats of epoxy but we're more than happy to take custom color combo orders with a 5 jig minimum per custom combo.